THEY ALL HATE US – Talk Race Wear with Rexona Invisible Dry

So here at TheyAllHateUs we were lucky enough to spend some time at the Rexona Invisible Dry Races Styling Suite where we shared our top tips for getting race day ready!

A big thing for us when planning for racing season is our outfits for each day. Not only do we need to be on-trend and abide by ‘the rules’ but we also have to ensure we go together, so we always make sure we somehow coordinate, whether it is through accessories, colour or even the textures of fabrics. With that said, with any event dressing, we take extra care of our garments and to ensure we don’t get any of those white deodorant marks on our clothes we use Rexona Invisible Dry which works hard to protect our delicate fabrics and give us extra confidence when we’re out and about. Especially during Autumn when the weather is so unpredictable, you leave the house in the morning wearing a jacket because it chilly but by lunch time its super hot so you take it off. One thing you don’t want is stains on your shirt when you take off the jacket. Rexona protects us and our clothes from that!

Next up for us is shoes; these not only have to be amazing (did we mention we loooove shoes) but also comfortable enough to stand in for a few hours. We suggest a thicker heel width as they give extra comfort and you won’t sink in the grass.

One of our favourite parts of getting ready is GLAM… That’s hair and makeup, and don’t forget your nails and a tan while you’re at it. Our top tip is to get a spray tan at least two to three days before hand so you’re not too dark. With your nails, go for a neutral colour as then you’re sorted for the any outfit for the whole races week. For your makeup, remember the races are a day event so less is more! Hair all depends on your headwear… With autumn we like sleek low ponies or braids as added extra detail to any outfit.

Most of all remember the races are fun! So bring your best friend and always go for the horse with the best outfit!