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So today in LA was the much anticipated Tommy Hilfiger catwalk show – the “See Now, Buy Now” movement hit Venice Beach giving instant access to their Spring 2017 Hilfiger Collection and the very cool TommyXGigi capsule. So no more waiting to buy the runway looks!

Californian youthful attitude, laidback lifestyle, and the spirit of festivals where music and style collide with the Tommy culture heritage. Loads on denim which we just love!

 Thanks for having us TOMMYLAND! xx Tash & Elle


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Each year when Valentine’s Day comes around ….if you believe in it or not it’s still nice to receive a little something from someone that loves you. For us it’s not about lots of fuss and dozens of roses (however would be nice ! Ha) but something that sums up you……the perfect thought.

 So this year as the necklace trend goes to the front of the “must have” accessory list we have found the perfect necklaces that not only will make you at the fashion front, but show a very big “hint” of love. A hint, as it’s all about “fine” or “delicate” necklaces worn in layers. Wear one or up to 3 for that ultimate cool girl vibe. Wear all one colour or mix gold with silver. And have some fun with the pendants.

 So if your partner is looking for hints make sure you casually mention it’s not just about love but fashion too. And remember a necklace is the perfect way to show they love you because it’s worn the closest to your heart.

 Happy Valentine’s Day girls!!

 TheyAllHateUs X Michael Hill

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