Magnum is more than just and ice cream it’s a game changer and when They All Hate Us had the chance to launch the new Magnum Pints we were more excited about ice cream than new shoes!!!

Last Monday we threw a Pints Party which was a movie night with a twist… we called on our nearest and dearest, we told them to wear denim and we played one of our most favourite classics on film Sixteen Candles.

The best surprise was that we were serving the new completely unique Magnum Pints. So here’s the thing the Pints are like something you have never tried before… each tub has generous shards of Magnum chocolate encased with layers of velvety smooth vanilla ice cream and topped with a thick Magnum milk chocolate shell created to be carefully broken. And we all know how good that Magnum chocolate cracking tastes…

With three popular flavours classic, almond and white we had our friends trying to decide which was their new favourite. For Elle it’s the white and Tash it’s all about almond…

We’re going to leave you with this style advice… call the girls and the guys and get them over for your very own Pint Party… or even better have some me-time with you and your magnum and enjoy every spoonful.

M O V I E  N I G H T  I N  W I T H  M A G N U M X T H E Y A L L H A T E U S