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Planes, trains and automobiles pretty much sums up the non-stop world of They All Hate Us. From photo shoots, events, meetings, late nights working on the blog to travel, we are always on the go.

We are constantly scouring the globe for the very latest in fashion, style and beauty for our blog and other projects. Of course travelling is a huge part of what we do! We love nothing more than an overseas adventure to be inspired by emerging trends from around the world. While we absolutely adore travel, there’s no denying the toll this lifestyle can have on our skin if we don’t make a conscience effort to look after it.

Looking our best everyday comes as part of the territory as a fashion blogger. We need to be photo ready at a moment’s notice, especially in this Instagram-age of instant imagery!

Both of us learnt very early on the importance of using a repair serum before the signs of aging appear. Prevention is better than a cure as they say! Our hectic schedules could easily wreak havoc on our complexions – late nights, long haul flights and photo shoot makeup will do that to the best of us. It’s all about consistency and routine when it comes to looking good on the go, so we both ensure we have a regular skincare routine that we stick to no matter where we are in the world.

While denim, stripes, heels and handbags are our obvious style statement pieces, one of the most coveted items on constant rotation in the world of They All Hate Us is our Estee Lauder Advanced Night repair, it comes with us EVERYWHERE!

The great thing about Advanced Night Repair is that it actually promotes the night time repair process that occurs naturally in our skin and is vital to younger fresher looking skin. It’s good to know you can be actively healing your skin while you sleep, after all, multi-tasking is what we do best! There’s nothing like getting off a long-haul hour flight with skin that feels smoother, hydrated, stronger and younger. Actually – even more radiant and even-tone then when you boarded the plane.

For us, we need a ‘do everything’ product, and for that reason Advanced Night Repair is our must-have – the timeless classic of our beauty wardrobe. No other product can make you look good after those late nights or lack of sleep, assist with sun damage or reduce the signs of ageing and stress like Advanced Night Repair. If we could only have one product in our carry on, this would be it.

One of our favourite beauty mantras in the They All Hate Us team is 'if you start young you'll stay looking younger longer’….After all there’s nothing we love more than a good investment piece!